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52F Models

Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Raven NER ClassT3, LNER/BR Class Q7. Loco and tender chassis kit for the newly released Alexander Models kit. We can supply loco chassis only for the DJH loco body.
This chassis is available in EM/P4 gauge only.
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved. Loco body and 4,125g tender finish painted and lightly weathered to emphasise the detail. In this shot you can see how far the boiler back head extended into the cab. 
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  The cab floor is extended beyond the rear of the cab side sheets to allow the fireman enough room to swing his firing shovel.  The eagle eyed among you will notice that the cab furniture is still to be fitted.
This chassis fits the Alexander Models Q7 kit and is supplied complete with our NER Mk2  Tender chassis for £58.50 inc P&P. This applies to UK Mainland only.  
The chassis only for the DJH loco body is Priced at £50.00.  Prices include 2nd Class, Postage. UK Mainland only.
Mashima 1420 motor can be supplied by us for an additional £21.50  Please note that this price applies to motors supplied with chassis kits.  If ordered seperately please add £2.50 to cover postage.
A OO version of this chassis will follow if advance orders justify the set up costs.  We have had some interest in this project but we still need another 4-people to express or register interest in a OO version before the project will go to the drawing stage. Click onto the "Contact Us" page and email us with your details.
How to order.  Go to the "Contact US" page and order by email or by telephone on 01670 362451. If you're ordering by mail, including a contact number would be beneficial in the event of a query about your order.
Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved. This is the long awaited Alexander Models NER class T3, LNER/BR class Q7 loco kit fitted to one of our EM gauge chassis kits.  Alexander Models has developed a Tyne Dock kit available as an extra for this model.  This is the first picture if of an Alexander Models Q7 fitted with the Westinghouse pump equipment.  The loco will be finished as 63473 as running in between 1952 to 1957 when it was hauling ore trains from Tyne dock to Consett.
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved. Motorised chassis.  If you look closely you can see the vertically mounted Mashima motor at the front of the firebox.  There is room for a small flywheel inside the firebox should you feel this is necessary.
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  The eagle eyed among you will notice that the cab furniture is still to be fitted.

Chassis specification. 

1      Comprhensive instructions comprising of 9, A4 pages of assembly instructions. Two A4 pages of diagrams and a parts list.  The fret has part numbers etched beside each part for easier identification.

2      This is the latest addition to our Easi-Rider range of loco chassis for kit built loco's.  The chassis etch is in 0.38mm nickel silver for improved stength and rigidity.  It fits the DJH body with only one small alteration to the drag box under the cab.  This has to be reduced in height by approx 1mm to accomodate the two wires holding the brake pull lever.
3       Fits the newly released Alexander Models Q7 loco and tender kit. 
4      The all new chassis works on the same proven principles as our NER T2, LNER/BR Q6 chassis but with the benefit of hindsight and experience has even more detailed features. No need to buy an expensive chassis assembly jig, this chassis can be folded up around a 12" steel rule.
5      We still use the tried and proven 54:1 2-stage gearbox and Mashima 1420 motor but there is room to use a 1424 motor should the builder prefer this.
6      The all new cylinders and motion bracket are assembled as a unit and are removeable for maintenance.
7     The new etched crossheads are made up from 4 etched pieces and a piston rod.  The crosshead is a perfect fit between the slidebars and the inner and outer pieces are accurately located by 4, Ø0.45mm dowels. The 14BA csk screw and nut hold the new double thickness connecting rods in place.
8     The coupling rods are made up from 16 etched pieces and have prototypical rivetted joints for each of the 3 sections. This greatly improves the model's ability to negotiate curves and turnouts.   
9      The brake hangers are prototypical in appearance and the rigging is prototypical in operation. (See image of the underside of the chassis)
10      Provision has been made for the use of Gibson Plunger Pickups. Should you wish to use American style current collection then pickups aren't necessary at all.
11      The later BR version with the mechanical lubricator drive can be modelled.
12     Our test chassis will run 24" Radius curves in EM gauge.
13     Cost of the loco chassis kit only, DJH model, £50.00 inc P&P Alexander Models kit, £58.50 inc P&P.
14     Mashima 1420 or 1424 motor £21.50, post free if ordered with a chassis kit.
15    Gibson wheel set with crankpins for the loco chassis £28.80.  Please add £2.00 P&P if ordered seperately
16     Tender wheel set for Alexander 4,125g tender £8.20 per set.  Post free if ordered with a loco and tender chassis.  if ordered seperately, please add £2.00 P&P.
17     Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models"
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This shot shows our chassis under a much modified DJH body and captures the enormous proportions of the Motion bracket and the 9'-0" front overhang on the NER's most powerful freight locomotive.
Please note that the chassis for DJH models will be the loco chassis only.
(Note the cab spectacle plate set back 9 inches from the edge of the cab side sheets and the two boxes at either side of the firebox.  Although not obvous in this photo, the boiler had to be extended so that the boiler backhead extended another 18 inches inside the cab.  This makes the cab front side window purely cosmetic.)