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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Welcome to our "Prototypes" page.  You can read all about our current and future plans to bring new new products to the modeling public. (Last updated 19/06/2014)
  Latest News.
We have been asked by a customer to produce a complete kit for a NBR D30 "Scot".  While doing this we will be looking at the possibility of producing a kit that can be built as either a class D32 or class D33.  These were known as Reid's "Intermediates".  They were very successful classes and  and were the forerunners of Ried's  D34 "Glen" class.


 ©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  This is the first image of the D30 Scott boiler complete with seperate etched boiler bands fitted.  It is our intention to supply the boiler as a pre-formed part with the firebox sides formed as shown in this shot.

  ©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  This is the D30 smokebox.  The boiler slides through the hole in the back of the smoke box and locates into the register in the front of the smokebox.


 ©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  This shows the boiler and the smokebox assembled.  The smokebox wrapper was rolled and then formed using a forming fixture.  The wrapper will be a pre-formed part when the kit comes to market.  The customer will have a choice of specifying a rivetted or plain smokebox wrapper at no additional cost.

©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.   This is the boiler/smokebox assembly with the chimney and dome masters position.  The chimney, dome and Gresley anti-vacuum valve will be white metal castings.  The earlier inverted pepper pot anti-vacuum valves fitted to the base of the smokebox and the various safety valve arrangements used on the Scott's will be produced as lost wax brass castings. 




Image © Peter Stanger 2012, all rights reserved. 
This shot shows the motorised D34 chassis on the test track.  This chassis can be used by anyone scratch building a D32 or D33 Intermediate. The D30 chassis will be very similar in appearance but the differences in the two chassis necessitate a completely different chassis for classes D29/2 and D30.
This is the first image of our fully compensated and load bearing NBR Class K, LNER/BR Class D34 loco chassis in EM/P4 scale.  The chassis has been designed to fit under the PDK body. The chassis was photographed sporting the Westinghouse clasp brake arrangement.  The later steam brake versions can be modelled too.  We have included extra etched parts and an additional brake cylinder to allow this.  (Please note that the Mashima motor is not supplied with the kit)  Wheels are by Alan Gibson.  The drivers are modified G4872S.  This allows the correct 10" throw to be used (not included with the kit). This photo was taken from about 30cm away from the subject and it's not obvious that the crankpin throw has been altered  The kit includes an NBR tender chassis compensated on all 6 wheels.  The price of this chassis kit is £55.00 including 1st class postage.
 © Peter Stanger 2010. All rights reserved.  09/11/2010 This is the first image of the NBR tender chassis for use with the LNER/BR class D30 and D34 PDK kit tender.  The chassis is compensated on the leading and middle axles and the rear axle is carried in an etched carrier with a pylon arrangement governing the ride height and allowing free to move vertically 0.3mm either side of the chassis centreline.
Image © Peter Stanger 2010. All rights reserved.  This is a 3D CAD image of our branchline bufferbeam snowplough suitable for use with both OO and EM versions of our J21,J25 and J27 Easi-Rider loco chassis kits.  Under development is a plough for use With the Q6 and Q7 loco chassis.