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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Postal charges, terms and conditions.
For overseas customers wishing to use PayPal, please be advised that PayPal charges us 5% to use this service.  Please be advised that from  30th of November 2013 there is a 5% surcharge on the total cost of the order for this service for all overseas customers.  For overseas customers carriage will be Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed for and insured to the full value of the consignment.
We will charge the customer only what the Royal Mail charges us.
We feel that it's only fair to advise customers that from Thursday 10/10/2013,  52F Models can not be held responsible for what happens to parcels once they have handed over and entrusted to the Post Office and in the unlikely event that the Post Office is unable to deliver that parcel.
Royal Mail only offers compensation of £20.00 on parcels that go missing in the post and then only if the parcel was'nt worth more than £20.00.  It would appear that while counter staff are authorised to take your money they are at pains to tell you that they can't guarantee that the parcel will arrive at the recipients address. 
The solution that counter staff are at pains to point out is that anything worth more than £20.00 should be sent by Special Delivery.  Special Delivery parcels are guaranteed to arrive by 1.00pm the next day and are insured up to £500.00.  We  were quoted a cost of sending a parcel worth £120.00 as £8.50.  This is something that we are not prepared to pay as it means that the sender or the recipient has to fork out another £5.50 for an insurance company to pay out the value of the parcel in the event that it goes missing in the post.
In effect they are saying that either the sender or the recipient should insure against Royal Mail being unable to carry out a task for which they have already been handsomely paid.  The operative word here is "INSURE" meaning a third party is taking on the risk.  The third party isn't doing this out of the goodness of his or her heart, they've identified an area where there's a profit to be made.  (Counter staff are using "scare tactics" to     convince customers that the service is so poor that they would be foolish not to insure against Royal Mail's supposed incompetence.)  These tactics will ultimately add cost to an already pricey service.  In the end it's the customer that will have to pay these additional charges.
If we the public accept this situation then it begs the question "What incentive does the Post Office have to get a grip on their business and prevent parcels going missing?"
If any customer requires Special Delivery then we are prepared to offer this at cost minus what it would have cost us to send that parcell by 2nd class post.  As an example if Special Delivery costs £8.50 then if the customer deducts the £3.00 that it would have cost us to send that parcel and adds this to the value of the order then we will send that parcel by Special Delivery.  In summary if you want your order sent by Special Delivery then please say so at the time of ordering and please add £5.50 to the value of your order.
If it's this bad now just think what it'll be like after two or three years of privatisation.
Please note that due to another Royal Mail inflation busting price increase, all new orders received from Monday 20th of May 2013 will be despatched by 2nd class post, UK Mainland only.  For all export orders, carriage will be charged at cost.
We regret to announce that we have had to increase the amount charged for carriage on small value orders.  For orders that can be sent in a small padded bag please add £2.00.  If the item has to be sent in a box (Modified Gibson wheel sets for the C15 and C16) then please add £3.00 to the value of your order.  Carriage will be charged at cost on all export orders.
Please note.  When ordering one of our chassis or kits by mail, it would be a great help if you could include a contact phone number and or an email address.  In the event of a query a phone call or an email can save a lot of time.


We are currently holding our chassis and loco kit prices at pre VAT increase levels.  On orders under £45.00 we have reluctantly had to introduce a £3.00 handling charge to cover ever increasing costs of postage and packaging materials.   On orders other than loco kits and chassis kits valued from £35.01 to £49.99 please add a £3.00 handling charge.  For orders placed from the UK mainland over £50.00 in value will continue to be sent post free by 2nd class post.