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52F Models

Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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NER Class "X", LNER/BR Class T1 4-8-0T heavy shunting tank engine.
We are pleased to announce the release of this 4 mm scale kit etched in nickel silver with lost wax brass and white metal fittings suitable for OO & EM / P4 gauges.  Please specify which version you require. This kit is available direct from 52F Models priced at £145.00 including 2nd class Postage. This applies to UK Mainland only.  When ordering by mail, please include a contact telephone number.  In the event of a query with an order including a contact number can save a lot of time.

A OO scale version of this kit is now available.   The price will be the same as the EM/P4 scale version. Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".  Please specify when ordering NER or GS style sprung buffers.  If you're modelling BR, tell us the running number of the model you intend to build then we will supply an etched  smokebox number plate free of charge. 
 Photo©52F Models 2012, all rights reserved. The model is finsihed except for the application of the driving wheel balance weights.
Photo ©52F Models 2012, all rights reserved.  This is the BR T1  body and chassis.  They were built by us to to "snag" the etched parts.  This model was built from pre-production etched parts.
Photo © Graham Hudson 2012, all rights reserved.  LH Front three quarter view of a loco built from a production kit by Graham Hudson
Photo © Graham Hudson 2012, all rights reserved.  LH rear three quarter view of the same model  built from a production kit by Graham Hudson.
Photo © Graham Hudson 2012, all rights reserved.   Drivers (RH) side view of the engine. This model was built from a production kit by Graham Hudson.
Photo © Graham Hudson 2012, all rights reserved.  Fireman's side (LH) of the same model built from a production kit by Graham Hudson.
        Kit specification; Almost every loco running in all periods from 1910 to class extinction in 1962 can be                 built  with this kit.  The exception is 69915 when fitted with a super heater for 18 months in the early 1950's.
Loco chassis.
1.          The chassis is etched in 0.38mm nickel silver and features full profile frames where possible, "all                          wheels are load bearing"  and all wheel compensation.
2.          The highly detailed bogie is prototypical in operation, the compensation beams controling the wheel                    movement.  It can only pivot around the fixing point and move sideways through an arc.  There is no                      vertical movement of the bogie frames. Vertical wheel movement is restricted to 0.3mm.
3.          The driving wheels are compensated in two, two pair units, the leading compensation unit incorporating              the 54:1,  2-stage reduction gearbox and motor mount.
4.          The brake gear is prototypical in appearance and operation  and can be removed to allow wheel fitting.
5.          The coupling rods are fold up construction with parts are tabbed together. They are realistic in                               appearance and prototypical in operation.
6.          Assembly instructions and 5-pages of 3-D CAD diagrams record in every detail how we built the loco                  chassis.
Loco Superstructure.
7.          The body is etched from in 0.38mm nickel silver sheet.
8.          We have provided two pre-rolled boilers, one diagram 61, (early) and the other a diagram 63 boiler for                later LNER/BR models. Each boiler has its own smokebox wrapper.  We believe that 69916 carried a                  diagram 61 boiler through to withdrawal in 1958.
9.          There are two pre formed cab roofs included, one with the long rain strip and the other with the short rain              strip.
10.        The cab interior is fully detailed
11.        We have included a seperate bunker back that appeared to be fitted only to 69914.
12.       The side tanks are box constuction and add considerable strength to the assembly.
13.       The lost wax brass fittings include a "Ramsbottom"safety valve trumpet and lever, Ross "Pop" safety                    valves, a selection of 5- whistles, cab handbrake lever, boiler backhead fittings and tank filler locking                    handles.
14.        White metal fittiings include, cast smokebox, chimney, NER dome, LNER dome, early Ø3'-9" smokebox              door, later Ø4'-9"  smokebox door, boiler backhead and smokebox mounted blower valve.
15.        We supply the kit with Gibson sprung buffers, either LNER GS or NER tapered. 
             Please specify your preference when ordering.
16.        Assembly instructions and 6-pages of 3-D CAD diagrams record in every detail how we built the                           superstructure.
17.        The kit needs a motor wheels paint and transfers to complete.
18.        Please make cheques payable to "52F Models".