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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Matthew Holmes designed NBR Class "D", LNER/BR class J83 0-6-0T Loco kit.
If you'd like a modified Gibson wheel set with your kit, please add an additional £29.90.
If you'd like a Mashima 1420D motor with your kit, please add an additional £21.50.  Both items are carriage free if ordered with a loco kit.
©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  This is the finished model on the test track.  The model has been built to represent a J83 as running in the mid 1950's.  The kit will include all the necessary parts to build NBR, LNER and BR versions of the class J83.
©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.   The cab is fully detailed as can be seen from this shot.  Thanks to some clever design work the cab doorway vertical handrails are in perfect alignment with the holes in the cab opening surround and the matching holes in the footplate.  All the parts that will make or break the model have been pre-formed by us using jigs and fixtures.
©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  All versions of the M. Holmes Class "D", LNER/BR can be built from this kit.
©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.  The class J83 is reputed to be the most economical in terms of running costs of any of the pre grouping companies 0-6-0T engines absorbed into the LNER.  TheJ83 is remarkable in that some members of the class covered more than 2,000,000 miles in their 60 or so years of service making the class well worthy of having a decent 4mm scale model of the prototype.
©Peter Stanger 2014, all rights reserved.
The finished chassis has been test run and works perfectly.  The eagle eyed among you will be able to see the position of the Gibson plunger pickups that collect current from the inside face of the wheel tyre.  For the EM/P4 version we have used a Mashima 1420motor. We have ammended the frame profile on the OO version to allow the Mashima 1420 motor to be used  in a OO chassis.
The kit is available in EM/P4 as well as a OO version.  Both versions will cost £99.95 inclusive of P&P. UK Mainland only 
Kit specification.
1.       Loco chassis and body etched parts made entirely from 0.38mm (0.015") nickel silver.
2.       Make or break parts pre-formed by us using jigs and fixtures.  The lap jointed boiler is rolled by us. The cab rear bulkhead, the tank sides, the smokebox wrapper, cab roof, the cab doorway beading and the tank top handrails are all preformed by us.
3.      All versions of this long lived, versatile tank engine can be built from this kit.
4.      Fully detailed cab with operating, folding cab doors.
5.      NBR style sprung buffers included.
6.      Fold up, fully compensated and load bearing chassis etched from 0.38mm nickel silver.
7.      Custom 2-stage reduction 54:1 ratio gearbox is part of the rear compensation unit.
8.      Two sets of prototypical brake gear supplied for early and later rebuilt versions.
9.      Both the later style fluted and the original plain coupling rods supplied.
10.     Comprehensive lost wax brass and whitemetal fittings supplied with the kit.
11.     We have included an etched coupling set that can be used on those models that had screw couplings   fitted.
12.    Comprehensive assembly instructions and 19 pages of 3D CAD drawings and 2 pages of dimensioned pipework drawings rshowing every stage of how we assembled this kit prior to it before being offered for sale to the general public. 
13.     Needs wheels, motor, paint and transfers to complete.
14.     We can supply Gibson wheel sets and Mashima 1420 motors at extra cost.  At the time of writing Mashima Motors are available from us at £19.00 each while stocks last.  Gibson wheel sets are available for an additional £22.40 per set.  We offer a wheel modification service that enables us to counter bore and countersink the inside of the wheel to allow the crankpin to be fitted correctly into the wheel boss.  We charge £1.25 per wheel for this service £7.50 for a set of six driving wheels.
15.    If wheels and a motor are ordered with a kit then these items too are carriage free.