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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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NBR Class "K", LNER/BR class D34 loco chassis designed to fit the PDK kits etched brass body. 
We intend to redesign this chassis in line with the revised chassis that will be supplied with our own D30 chassis. The proposed alterations will make what was a good chassis even better.  We would ask anyone who would like one of these chassis to please be patient.  We assure you it will be well worthwhile the wait.  The cost of the loco and tender chassis remains unchanged.
This chassis is available only in EM/P4.  If there's enough genuine interest from OO modellers then a OO version may follow. 
©Peter Stanger 2012, all rights reserved.
 This is the first image of our fully compensated and load bearing NBR Class K, LNER/BR Class D34 loco chassis in EM/P4 scale.  The chassis has been designed to fit under the PDK body. The chassis was photographed sporting the Westinghouse brakes.  The later steam brake versions can be modelled too.  We have included extra etched parts and an additional brake cylinder to allow this.  (Please note that the Mashima motor is not supplied with the kit)  Wheels are by Alan Gibson.  The drivers are modified G4872S.  This allows the correct 10" throw to be used.  This photo was taken from about 30cm away from the subject and it's not obvious that the crankpin throw has been altered  The kit includes an NBR tender chassis compensated on all 6 wheels.  The price of this chassis kit is £55.00 including 2st class postage.   
 ©Peter Stanger 2012, allrights reserved.  This is our first test build chassis from the production etched sheet. This chassis was built to show off the Westinghouse brake arrangement.  Extra parts are included to model the steam braked versions of the class that had the Westinghouse pump and brakes removed . 
©Peter Stanger 2012, all rights reserved.  This is the bogie complete with Gibson Ø3'-6" x 10 spoke wheels and custom made brass hornblocks.  The bogie compensation beams sit on the top of the horn blocks ensuring that the bogie does its job and cancels out any nose heavy tendency attributable to all models with a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. This ensures that the loco driving wheel cetreline remains remains parallel o the chassis centreline under all operating conditions. 
Chassis specification.
1.    This loco and tender chassis has been designed as a direct replacement for the chassis supplied with the PDK "Glen" loco kit.
2.    The chassis has been designed to be load bearing and compensated thus eliminating the smokebox heavy tendency on all 4-4-0 4mm scale model locomotives.
3.    Both loco and tender chassis are etched in 0.38mm nickel silver.
4.    Both chassis are "Fold up" construction eliminating the need for an expensive frame assembly jig.
5.    The bogie is compensated using the same method as the original with the external compensation beams bearing on the top of the turned brass bogie horn blocks.
6.    The mainframes have the prototypical inner frames at the front to clear the bogie profile.
7.    Original Westinghouse brake arrangerment comprising 8-hangers and shoes and 2-centrally placed operating cylinders.
8.    Revised brake gear for use after the Westinghouse pump was removed is supplied on a seperate etced fret.
9.    Custom 54:1, 2-stage reduction gearbox /compensation unit to optimise the drive and running qualities of the model.
10.  This chassis offers significant additional detail to the model below the footplate.
11.  The tender chassis is compensated on all six wheels. 
12.  This chassis kit is priced at £55.00 including 1st class P&P.
13.   Comprehensive 3D assembly diagrams and assembly instuctions detailing how we built the loco and tender chassis.
14.  Please send a cheque with your order made payable to "52F Models" and post to 
      "52F Models" 48, Cypress Gardens, Blyth. Northumberland. NE24 2NF.