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52F Models

Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Here at 52F Models we are developing a range of accessories to complement our range of
Easi-Rider Loco and Tender chassis as well as items to add that finishing touch to your kit or scratch built loco body.
Please be advised that due to the extortionate increase in postal charges, customers ordering lamp iron frets, loco and tender footsteps etc, a minimum order charge of £2.00 will apply on orders under £25.00 in value.  For orders valued from £25.01 to £49.99 a charge of £2.80 is applicable.  All cheques should be made payable to "52F Models". For orders over £50.00 in value are still post free, UK Mainland only.  For export orders carriage will be charged at cost.
New product.
Photo © Peter Stanger 2015, all rights reserved.  NER 8'-0"-8'-6" coupling rod fret.  These rods will fit LNER class J21, J25, J26, J27, N8, N9, and N10 4mm scale models.  The holes in the rods are to accept crank pin bushes.  Price £3.25 per fret.  Postage and packing is £1.75.  Multiple frets can be ordered for the one P&P charge.
Screw-link couplings for NER and LNER engines.
Photo © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This is our new etched screw-link coupling fited to a LNER 4125g tender.  Each fret contains 1 pair of couplings and includes both Group Standard and NER draw hooks.  Frets cost £1.50each available as single stches at Shows but you have to source your own springs.  Minimum mail order quantity 5 frets.  Cost including P&P £8.30 (UK Mainland only)
Image © Peter Stanger. All rights reserved.  This is a CAD 3D assembly drawing of the branchline buffer beam snowplough suitable for use with our J21, J25 and J27 easi-Rider loco chassis kits.  We will shortly have a production version of this plough ready for sale priced at £7.95 each plus P&P,  (See charges for carriage for small value orders) Overseas carriage will be charged at cost.
Photo © Peter Stanger.   This is a customer's Class J25 loco fitted with the prototype scratch built, buffer beam snowplough used on single track branch lines .  The snowplough is fabricated from 0.4mm nickel silver and is particularly tricky to make from scratch because of the compound angles and curves on an angled surface.   We have produced this accessory as a kit to complement the Easi-Rider Chassis for this loco.  It's an ideal addition for those of you who model branch lines.  They were a common site on J27's and J25's operating on exposed lines heading inland to central Northumberland from Morpeth and Hexham.  Blyth J27 65819 was so fitted and there is an excellent photo of the crew turning the loco on the turntable at Reedsmouth Junction where the Border Counties line from Riccarton Junction to Hexham meets the Wansbeck "Wanny" line.
The production version has been altered to ensure that it fits both the J25 and the J27 easi-rider chassis. 


There will be a different version available for the Q6.  This plough is used on double track secondary lines and is biased to the left hand side of the engine. A photo of a plough fitted Q6 will appear here shortly. 


Photo © Peter Stanger   The above image shows our etched cylinder drain cock gear operating levers (RH sanding gear lever shown) fitted to one of our own Q6 loco bodies.  The LH lever is a mirror image of the RH side shown in the photo.  The fret contains 2 sanding levers and the appropriate spacing washers to add a 3D effect when fitted.  This item will be offerd for sale in mid April 2009 at a cost of £1.95 plus P&P,  (See charges for carriage for small value orders).  Overseas carriage at cost.


The Lamp Iron fret has the ptototypical NER tender/bunker lamp iron as well as a complex top smokebox lamp Iron which is held in place with a hand rail hnob.  For smaller loco's ther's a version that fits on top of the smokebox in front of the chimney.  The variations supplied will suit any NER/LNER built loco running after grouping.  Cost £2.95 plus P&P. (See charges for carriage for small value orders).  (Overseas carriage will be charged at cost)


©Peter Stanger 2010, all rights reserved.

The revamped fret is now etched in 0.25mm nickel silver for a crisper, more realistic etched small part.


Photo © Peter Stanger.
The above image shows an almost finished Q6 fitted with our new lamp Irons. 



Photo © Peter Stanger

The rear 3/4 view of the same loco shows the new lamp irons to good effect.  The top iron has five bends in it to achieve a realistic appearence.



Photo © Peter Stanger   Have you ever noticed that the most vulnerable parts of any white metal loco kit are the loco and tender steps?  We have produced a range of these steps for most North Eastern  railway locos.  The above steps are suitable for classes J25, J26 and J27and Q6 and are will be offered for sale at £4.95 per etched fret.  The material shown is 0.38mm brass but you may find that some frets are 0.38mm nickel silver.  Please note small value orders are subject to a £2.00 charge to cover P & P