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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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LNER/BR Class A8 Loco kit. (Page under construction) 22/06/2016.
We will be offering this kit in OO and EM/P4 versions and both will be released simultaneously.
To express interest in owning one of these kits please do so from the "Contact Us" page on this website. The price for both OO and EM/P4 versions will be £150.00, this is inclusive of P&P.
The design of our chassis includes a custom gearbox but you will need a Mashima 1420D motor (recommended), a set of wheels, paint and transfers to complete the model.  
This class of 45 engines were designed by Vincent Raven as class H1 4-4-4T engines but with an all up weight of 87tons and less than half of that available as adhesive weight the class was never considered a success.  H.N. Gresley rebuilt the class by adding another set of driving wheels and replacing the rear bogie with a radial truck to produce a 4-6-2T arrangement.  The class gained an additional 13 tons adhesive weight and lost half a ton in overall weight.  The prototype put in some remarkable performances thus prompting the rebuilding of the whole class.
©Peter Stanger 2015, all rights reserved.  Front 3/4 view of the almost finished body.  Cab opening beading has been fitted and the the cab door handrails are perfectly perpendicular. The cab folding doors have been closed to emphasize this point.
 ©Peter Stanger 2015, all rights reserved. Rear 3/4 view of the almost finished body.  There are two Wakefield lubricators fitted to the RH side of the footplate.  The mechanical drive for these lubricators will be supplied with the kit.  The boiler backhead still needs to be fitted because the master is oversize to allow for shrinkage when the part is cast. 
Loco Chassis.
The "fold up" type chassis is etched in 0.38mm nickel silver and designed to be compensated and load bearing on all 12 wheels.
The bogie is protypical in operation and uses compensation beams riding on custom made hornblocks to carry the bogie wheels.  The bogie is mounted on a fixed pivot plate ensuring that it does its job in carying its share of the load.  The vertically mounted motor puts additional weight exactly where it's needed, over the driving wheels.
©Peter Stanger 2015, all rights reserved.  The wheeled chassis sitting on the test track.  The trailing brake hangers and the pull rod have been fitted but the rest of the brake gear and rigging has still to be completed. We have considered that the wheels may need to be removed at some time so we have allowed for this by etching notches in the top of the frames to allow a wheel puller to be used.  The connecting rods fit inside the leading coupling rods and in OO and EM gauges the connecting rods need to be "joggled " to give the correct alignment.  When modelling in P4 gauge the connecting rods are left straight.
The leading and middle driving wheels are part of the custom drive unit that incorporates a motor mount for the vertically mounted Mashima 1420D motor (not included).  The trailing driving wheels are mounted in horn blocks with a 12BA screw and captive nut to control the ride height and ensure that all the driving wheels remain on the chassis centreline.
The trailing wheels are mounted in the form of a radial axle with a 12BA srew and captive nut to control the ride height and ensure that this axle does its share of the load bearing. Maximum deflextion is restricted to 1.25mm either side of the centrline thanks to the use of a waisted rear portion of the frames.
We hade made provision for the use of Gibson Plunger Pickups should this form of current collection be to your taste.  We prefer them as they work very well and don't detract from the additioanal detail provided by the prototypical brake gear and rigging.
Loco Body.
The loco body is etched in 0.38mm nickel silver for ease of assembly.  Comprehensive assembly instructions and computer generated 3D diagrams show every stage of the assembly process.
 ©Peter Stanger 2015, all rights reserved.  The cab roof has now been fitted.  This would normally be done when the spectacle plate and the cab rear bulkhead windows had been glazed.  The boiler shown is a diagram 63B with the more squat LNER dome moved 1'-9" nearer the firebox.
We supply two boilers with the kit so that any model that carried a diagram 63A, 63C or 63B boiler can be modelled.  The boilers have half etched grooves for the boiler bands in the correct position.
The boiler bands are etched from 0.25mm nickel silver and when fitted into half etched grooves in the boiler give a prototypical look to the boiler.  Using this method ensures that the bands are fitted in the correct position and are straight and square.
We are hopimg to have the chimney, domes, whistles and all the buffer beam furniture as lost wax castings.
There are two bunker end plates, one for early examples that had only one bunker step and the later version with two bunker steps.  We supply the standard coal rails as well as a coal cage and a hopper top for the coal cage.
The cab is fully detailed and the spectacle plate has two types of front window, one pair of split type for early models and the one piece surround for the later models.
The model can be built with operating, folding cab doors as shown in the photographs.  We have included diagrams to show how this is done.
White metal castings include a chimney, two domes, one for daigram 63A-63C boilers and one for diagram 63B boilers.  The smokebox door is a white metal casting as is the boiler backhead and the screw reverser.
Lost wax castings include the vacuum stand pipes, steam heating pipes, tank filler caps, tank vent pipes, bunker well tank vent pipe, boiler backhead furniture, Ross "Pop"safety valves and firebox mounted whistle. Cab spectacle plate mouned whistles are also included.
LNER GS sprung buffers are included in the kit.