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Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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LNER/BR Class A8 4-6-2T Loco chassis for the Little Engines and DJH kit built locos.  This chassis is available in both EM/P4 and OO gauges.   


From what we've learned from producing the A5/2 kit, the A8 production chassis has been redesigned to make the chassis even better.  Due to a lot of registered interest, a OO gauge version has been developed at the same time.  Both EM/P4 and OO versions are now available from us for immediate despatch.  


How to order.  Go to the "Contact US" page and order by email or by telephone on 01670 362451. If you're ordering by mail, including a contact number or email address would be beneficial in the event of a query about your order.
Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models" or you can pay by BACS transfer if this is easier for you.



© Peter Stanger 2011, all rights reserved.  This is a computer generated 3D drawing of the new A8 EM/P4 chassis suitable for the DJH and Little Engines cast white metal bodies.


The price of the EM/P4 version is £55.00 including P&P.   The OO version has a revised gearbox that includes an additional gears and costs £56.50 including P&P, UK Mainland only.  (Please note that this applies to UK Mainland only.  For Scotish Islands, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands delivery there will be an additional charge) Overseas carriage will be charged at cost. 


© Peter Stanger 2011, all rights reserved.  This is a computer generated 3D drawing of our new A8 OO gauge chassis for the DJH and Little Engines cast whitemetal bodies.


Chassis specification.


1.      Constructed from 0.38mm thick nickel silver.  No need to buy an expensive chassis assembly jig, this chassis can be folded up around a 12" steel rule.

2.      Features compensation on all 12 wheels.

3.      All wheels are load bearing to provide the best possible adhesive weight for the driving wheels.

4.      Features all new radial truck for the trailing axle.

5.      Mainframes are prototypically waisted at the rear to allow radial truck ample sideways  movement.

6.      Trailing driving axle is mounted in hornblocks and is ride height adjustable.

7.      Radial truck is ride height adjustable.

8.      Coupling rods are double thickness.

9.      Connecting rods are double thickness.

10.    All new etched 4-piece etched crossheads.

11.    All new prototypical profile bogie with etched hornblocks running in horn guides.           12.    Prototypical externally mounted compensation beams with internal leaf spring.

13.    Prototypical brake gear and rigging.

14.    Seperately applied loco springs.

15.    Etched rear sand boxes.

16.    Provision is made for Gibson Plunger Pickups on EM/P4 versions. Because all the driving wheels are in contact with the track at all times no addidtional pickups are needed.

17.    54:1, 2-stage reduction gearbox.  Revised drive train for OO versions.

18.    EM/P4 Chassis is prices at £55.00 including 1st Class P&P.

19.    OO chassis has a revised gearbox with additional gears and costs £56.50 inc P&P

20.    We recommend that you use a Mashima 1420D motor available from us at extra cost.



Photo © Peter Stanger 2010, all rights reserved.  In retrospect not rushing into producing this chassis has turned out to be a good move.  With what we've learned from producing the G5 and A5/2 chassis' we now have lots of better ideas for this model.  The chassis is compensated on all 12 wheels and all 12 wheels are load bearing.  The rear pony truck has been replaced by a prototypical radial truck and the frames at the rear under the bunker are prototypically waisted to allow the radial truck 1.5mm per side lateral movement.


 Although the brake gear and rear sandboxes have still to be fitted we are very pleased with the way the chassis runs.  The motor on the EM/P4 version is vertically mounted and the drive is from the leading axle.  The leading and middle driving wheels are compensated as two pairs and the compensation beams incorporate a 54:1, 2-stage reduction gearbox and motor mount.  The rear coupled axle is mounted in horn blocks and the trailing axle is a radial truck mounted in prototypically waisted frames under the bunker. Both the radial truck and the trailing coupled axle are ride height adjustable allowing maximum weight to be distributed to the driving wheels.


The bogie is load bearing and compensated.  The bogie axles run in external, etched hornblocks and the compensation beams bear on the top of the axle boxes just like the real thing.  The 8-seperately applied horn guides keep everything  running straight and true.  We have used Romford/Markits wheels on the prototype as the wheels need to be removed several times before we get to the painting stage.  We had planned to fit the finished model with a Gibson wheel set as the tyres are nearer scale width than the Markits wheels.  Unfortunately The Gibson range doesn't include a 5'-9" x 18 spoke driver or 3'-9" x 12 spoke radial truck wheel so we've stuck with designing the chassis around Markits wheels.


With the cylinders being mounted horizontally between the bogie wheels, every little bit of extra clearance is most welcome. The cylinders were to be cast resin so they wouldn't cause a short circuit but we may have to resort to fitting a nylon bush in theconnecting rod big end eye to prevent a short circuit if the tyre comes into contact with the back of the nickel silver fabricated crosshead. Instead we decided to go with etched cylinders and Nylon 66 front and rear covers.  This works just as well and significantly reduces the cost of the chassis.

The new crossheads are fabricated from 4-pieces and are only 1.6mm wide.  Fabricated crossheads may sound difficult to assemble but in practice they are really easy and far more accurate and crisper looking than the lost wax brass versions. 


The production chassis is available now.


Image © Peter Stanger 2010, all rights reserved. The above image shows our all new etched crosshead for the A8 chassis.  Etched crossheads have the advantage of being nearer scale width than cast items and we've found them useful where clearence is an issue. We had intended to use cast resin cylinders but these turned out to be prohibitively expensive so the production version has etched cylinders with Nylon end covers.


The price for the EM/P4 version of the chassis will cost £55.00 including P&P.  The OO version costs £56.50 inc P&P UK Mainland only.  For overseas orders postage will be at cost.  Please send a cheque with your order made payable to "52F Models".


The A8 chassis is very similar to the A5/2 chassis the only major difference being that the A8 has cylinders mounted between the bogie wheels.  This creates a whole raft of problems especially when modelling in EM or P4 scales.  During the 3D modelling process it became obvious that there is a problem with the bogie supplied with the original "Little Engines" kit.  The wheels are on 25mm centres and the drawing clearly shows the bogie wheel centres to be 6'-6" or 26 mm in 4mm -1 foot scale. We have corrected this with our new prototypical bogie.