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52F Models

Speialising in producing etched 4mm scale loco kits for NER and NBR modellers as well as the Easi-Rider range of 4mm scale model loco and tender chassis'. Designed and Produced in the UK for the discerning modeller.

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Gresley/Robinson class A5/2 4-6-2T tank loco kit in etched brass and nickel silver available in EM/P4 and OO gauges. RRP is £150.00 inc postage and packing.  Please allow one week from the receipt of the order for delivery.
Already a winner!
The proyotype shown in the photograph below won the "Silver Jubilee Trophy" for the best scratch built, steam outline model at the EM Gauge Society's AGM at Wakefield on the 19th of February 2011.
The building of this model is the subject of a two part article published in MRJ.  The first part is in MRJ No. 210 and the second part will appear, well your guess is as good as mine.
This is the first complete loco kit from 52F Models and is a natural progression from designing and offering for sale improved chassis' for kit built loco kits.  We feel that the A5/2 kit fills a need for big tank loco's that operated in the North Eastern area.  They were regular performers in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area until their extinction in 1960. 
Initially the loco kit was available in EM/P4 only but now a OO version is available too. 
© Peter Stanger 2010. All rights reserved.  27/11/2010 The above image is of an A5/2 assembled from Test Etch 2. It gives an idea of what you could produce from one of our production kits.  Although in my youth, I never saw one of these machines in the ex works condition that you see above, these pacific tanks were handsome machines.  The engine had its last heavy overhaul at Darlington in December 1957.  It was condemned in September 1958 and cut up at North Road Works.  This model won the prestigious Silver Jubilee Trophy awarded by the EM Gauge Society for the best scratch built, steam outline model at their AGM on Saturday 19th of February 2010.
1. Very comprehensive assembly instructions with colour photographs and CAD diagrams for both chassis and body.   There is an on line help page on our website "Building an A5/2"
2. Chassis is etched in 0.38mm nickel silver and the loco is compensated on all 12-wheels.
3. No need to buy an expensive chassis assembly jig. This chassis can be folded up around a 12" steel rule.
4. All 12 wheels are load bearing and the trailing wheels under the bunker operate in a radial truck with the frames appropriately wasted to allow 1.5mm per side radial movement.  This is a first in 4mm railway modelling.
5. The drive mechanism is incorporated into the front compensation mechanism ensuring that the gears remain in mesh no matter what the wheels are doing.
6.  54:1 double reduction gear set supplied.
7.  Prototypical brake gear and rigging that's removable to allow wheel fitting.
8.  Provision has been made to allow the use of Gibson Plunger pickups.  Because all the driving wheels are in contact with the track at all times, there's no need for additional pickups.
9.  The loco superstructure is etched in 0.38mm brass.
10. Smokebox door, chimney, snifting valve, dome, tank vent pipes, firebox front, firebox back head and brake cylinder are all white metal castings.  The Westinghouse pump fitted to early LNER versions is a whitemetal casting.
11.  The vacuum brake pipes, Westinghouse brake pipes steam heating pipes, engine handbrake and water scoop operating handles safety valves and whistle are all lost wax castings.
12. Sprung buffers, 2 GCR and 2 LNER Group standard are supplied with the kit. 
13.  Fully detailed cab with etched screw reverser. Alternative white metal cast reverser is supplied.
14.  Pre-rolled boiler with lap joint for ease of soldering.
15.  Pre-formed cab roof.
16.  Per formed Belpaire firebox
17.  Turned smokebox door darts. 
18.  RRP £150.00 including P&P
Please send a cheque made out to "52F Models" with your order. 
© Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This shot shows the LNER version of the A5/2 as running around 1930 before it lost its Westinghouse pump and train brake.
The above photo is of the model built from Test Etch 3. The unusual aspect of this photo is that there aren't large areas of daylight around the bogie and the radial truck.  This adds considerable realism to the finished model.  This model is finished as a working example and has impressed everyone who's seen it by its running and riding qualities on an 18'-0"x 8'-0" exhibition standard layout.  We tried everything we could to make the chassis and then the finished model derail, including running it flat out off a curve across a turnout and into the fiddle yard.  This involved some high speed changes of direction that were coped with effortlessly.
Testing the finished model.
The weight of the complete model is 240g in working condition.  To prove the load bearing qualities of the chassis we added 147g in weight over the bogie only and a chassis weighing 70g performed faultlessly.  Next we added 143g in weight to the area behind the radial truck and once again this did not affect the chassis performance.  The chassis was then tested with 143g at the rear and 147g over the bogie and once again the chassis ran perfectly. This proves beyond any doubt that the theory of a load bearing chassis works in practice.
The finished model was tested with a rake of 6 Mk1 coaches and pulled them with ease.  The model gave the impression that it could have pulled 10 coaches just as easily as it handled six.
How to order.  Go to the "Contact US" page and order by email or by telephone on 01670 362451. If you're ordering by mail, including a contact number or email address would be beneficial in the event of a query about your order.
Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".
 © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved. This is our fully compensated and load bearing A5/2 chassis.  We can supply Gibson wheel sets with this kit.
 © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This is a close up shot of the compensated and load bearing bogie.
© Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This shot shows the fit between the boiler/firebox assembly and the
full profile frames.  The LH side tank and front frame extension have been left off deliberately in order to demonstrate this feature.
 © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved. 
© Peter Stanger 2010. All rights reserved.
The B&DMRS annual show took place on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of August 2010. Test Etch 3 along with the model built from Test Etch 2 were on display.  Both these items created a lot of interest from modellers as far away as Canada,  professional builders and other manufacturers alike.  There were even requests from members of the "O" Gauge Guild for a 7mm scale version.  It's a nice idea but there's more to it than just producing 7 mm etches.  If the 7mm interest is more than just a whim on someone's part then who knows, we might see a 7mm version sooner than you think. 
© Peter Stanger 2010. All rights reserved.
This is a view from the bunker end of the same model.  This model along with Test Etch 3 was on display at the B&DMRS Show in August 2010.